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 Food Drive for Emergency Food Pantry

(November 20, 2018) - The staff of Kentucky Communications Network Authority donated to the Emergency Community Food Pantry of Franklin County this week.  Small office - big hearts.

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KCNA Board Meets

Frankfort, Ky.  (September 21, 2018) – The Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA) Board met Thursday afternoon, September 20, in the capitol building.  KCNA Executive Director Phillip Brown updated the board on several aspects of the KentuckyWired project including its monthly average progress and total miles of fiber optic cable constructed (837 miles).  Executive Cabinet Secretary and board chairperson Scott Brinkman announced the board would meet twice next year - January 17 and June 20, 2019.

SOAR booth and Phillip.jpg 

KCNA at SOAR Summit

Frankfort, KY (August 31, 2018).  The Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA) was highly visible at the SOAR Summit in Pikeville, KY August 30-31.  Randy Lutke and Dana Case were on hand to answer questions and hand out information.  KCNA Executive Director Phillip Brown took part in a panel discussion titled “Tech in Appalachia.”  Also on the panel were Keith Gabbard (CEO Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative), Jim Tom Trent (Mayor, Morehead, KY), and Lonnie Lawson (President/CEO, Center for Rural Development).  The SOAR Summit was held in the Eastern Kentucky Expo Center in Pikeville.  Event speakers included Governor Matt Bevin, U.S. Congressman Hal Rogers, and SOAR Executive Director Jared Arnett.  Keynote speaker for the 2-day summit was retired Army Major General Vinny Boles.

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Governor's Local Issues Conference

Frankfort, KY (August 15, 2018) - KCNA Executive Director Phillip Brown spoke this morning as part of the 43rd Annual Governor's Local Issues Conference in Louisville, updating the crowd on the Commonwealth's KentuckyWired project. So far 831 miles of high-speed fiber optic cable have been constructed throughout Kentucky.  

Phillip KACo Frankfort 2AUG2018.jpg

KACO Broadband Workshop

 Frankfort, Ky (August 2, 2018) - Kentucky Communications Network Authority Executive Director Phillip Brown spoke before a Kentucky Association of Counties workshop today in Frankfort.  Brown presented the latest update on the Commonwealth's KentuckyWired project.

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Hut Installed in Glasgow

Frankfort, KY (July 20, 2018) A telecommuications hut and generator were installed at Southwest Kentucky Community and Technical College in Glasgow Friday, July 20th.  They are part of the Commonwealth's KentuckyWired project, constructing 3,000 miles of ultra-high speed fiber optic cable into every county. 

  Phillip Brown at Pikeville Rotary Club 6JUN2018 300pxl.jpg

Rotary Club Presentation

Pikeville, KY (June 6, 2018) Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA) Executive Director Phillip Brown addressed the Pikeville Rotary Club Wednesday, June 6th in Pikeville. Brown updated the group on the KentuckyWired project, including the latest completion schedule and the appropriation of funds during the 2018 regular legislative session.

 Phillip Morehead Broadband workshop MAY2018 300 pxls.jpg
Exec Director Speaks in Morehead

 Thursday May 10, 2018. KCNA Executive Director Phillip Brown updates county officials on KentuckyWired in Morehead, KY.

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KentuckyWired COO Speaks to TSAT

Versailles, KY (April 20, 2018) – Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA) Chief Operating Officer Mike Hayden addressed members of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System's (KCTCS) Technical Services Advisory Team (TSAT) Thursday, April 19 in Versailles.  Hayden, speaking in the KCTCS facility in Versailles, updated the group on the current schedule for completion of each ring of the KentuckyWired project, and on the appropriation of funds for KCNA during the recent regular session of the Kentucky General Assembly.
TSAT is a group of individuals in technical fields, employed by Kentucky community colleges.  KentuckyWired is connecting to community colleges, universities, government offices, and libraries throughout the Commonwealth.

Presentation material can be found on KentuckyWired's website at:         

KAG meeting 19APR2018 400 pxl.jpg 

KCNA Advisory Group Meeting

Frankfort, KY (April 19, 2018) – KentuckyWired's Advisory Group (KAG) met Thursday, April 19 in the Capitol Annex building in Frankfort.  Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA) Executive Director Phillip Brown gave a construction update saying, "735 miles of high-speed fiber optic cable have now been deployed." 

     The Advisory Group also discussed action taken by Kentucky's 2018 General Assembly to appropriate funds for availability payments for the next two years plus the authority to borrow funding to cover the costs of "supervening events" that have delayed the project's construction.
     Construction of the entire KentuckyWired network is expected to be complete by mid-2020, with sections of the network complete and operational before that.

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KCNA Board Meets

Frankfort, Ky.  (March 15, 2018) – The Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA) Board met March 15th in the capitol building and was updated by KCNA Executive Director Phillip Brown on several aspects of the KentuckyWired project including its Network Capacity Wholesaler Agreement, third party agreements, and legislative action that may affect the project.  During the meeting it was announced that KentuckyWired has made significant progress obtaining pole attachment agreements, with only 3 or 4 remaining, and has now constructed over 700 miles of the network.  The next KCNA board meeting will be held June 21st.

House Committee 01FEB2018.jpg

KentuckyWired Updates House Committee

Frankfort, KY (February 1, 2018) - KCNA Executive Director Phillip Brown and Chief Operating Officer Mike Hayden spoke before the Kentucky State House Standing Committee on Small Business and Information Technology February 1st, presenting an update on the KentuckyWired project.  The committee received information about the current status of construction, many ways the Commonwealth will benefit from KentuckyWired, and wholesaling fiber upon completion of the project. Presentation slides are available here.

KAG meeting 18JAN2018.jpg

KentuckyWired Advisory Group Meets

Frankfort, KY (January 18, 2018)  The KentuckyWired Advisory Group (KAG) quarterly meeting was held Thursday, January 18th in the capitol annex building in Frankfort.  Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA) Executive Director Phillip Brown addressed the advisory group saying 619 miles of fiber optic cable have been installed.  He also discussed availability payments, the cost of supervening events, and details involved in make-ready construction.  The next meeting will be held April 19, 2018; time and location to be determined.

  Hut Maysville 14DEC2017.JPG
KentuckyWired Installs Broadband 'Hut' in Maysville

FRANKFORT, KY. (Dec 15, 2017) – The Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA) installed a "hut" next to Maysville Community and Technical College on December 14, 2017.  The hut is part of KentuckyWired's high-speed fiber optic cable network being installed in every county in Kentucky.

State Senator Stephen West said, "I am pleased to congratulate Maysville and Mason County on the new KentuckyWired hut that will serve as a critical piece of infrastructure for the city and county alike. High-speed internet connectivity is crucial to a prosperous economic climate, and I look forward to the positive impact this project will have on our region."

The huts, which are being placed throughout the Commonwealth, will be the connection point for all state government offices, universities, community colleges, libraries, and internet service providers for Mason county and surrounding areas.

"The KentuckyWired project has the potential to be a game-changer for our region and the Commonwealth, so I definitely appreciate the addition of this hut and the boost it will bring to our broadband speed and access," said State Representative John Sims.  "Faster internet is becoming an increasingly crucial component of almost everything – from education and law enforcement to economic development and government– so this hut takes us a step closer to bringing the level of internet service everyone in Kentucky needs and deserves."

The hut is 15 feet wide, 22 feet long, and 9 feet high and was placed on the northwest corner of the Maysville Community and Technical College campus, along with a generator.

KentuckyWired will enhance the speed and efficiency of state government agencies and bring an economic boost to the Commonwealth as its middle mile network becomes available to the private sector.  It will also enhance healthcare, education, cellular phone service, and enrich the lives of all citizens of Kentucky. The first portion of the KentuckyWired network is expected to be functional in 2019.

Pikeville Hut Delivery 1b.jpg 
KentuckyWired Installs Broadband 'Hut' in Pikeville

FRANKFORT, KY. (Nov. 29, 2017) – The Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA) installed a "hut" next to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) District 12 office in Pikeville on Tuesday, November 21st.  The hut is part of KentuckyWired's high-speed fiber optic cable network being installed in every county throughout the Commonwealth.

Pike County State Senator Ray Jones II said, "There are countless numbers of opportunities that come with access to broadband. This network will help our economically distressed region attract businesses which means jobs and investment in our community."

The huts, which are being placed throughout the Commonwealth, will be the connection point for all state government offices, universities, community colleges, libraries, and internet service providers for the entire Pike county area.

"Faster and more reliable broadband internet service is absolutely critical as we look for ways to improve government services and increase opportunities for our schools and businesses," said state Rep. Angie Hatton of Whitesburg.  "I want to thank the Kentucky Communications Network Authority for taking this step and moving the overall KentuckyWired project forward.  Once it is complete, we will be in a much better position to connect to and compete with the rest of the world."

The hut is 15 feet wide, 22 feet long, and 9 feet high and was placed at 109 Loraine Street just outside the KYTC office, along with a generator.

KentuckyWired will enhance the speed and efficiency of state government agencies and bring an economic boost to the Commonwealth as its middle mile network becomes available to the private sector, encouraging companies to build in Kentucky. It will also enhance healthcare, education, cellular phone service, and enrich the lives of all citizens of Kentucky. The first portion of the KentuckyWired network is expected to be functional in 2018.

Hazard Broadband Workshop 103 14OCT2017 7.jpg

KCNA in Hazard Workshop

Frankfort, KY.  (November 15, 2017) - KCNA Executive Director Phillip Brown spoke to a broadband workshop in Hazard November 14th, updating them on the KentuckyWired network.  He told the audience at the Broadband and Your Community Workshop 103 about the challenges of make-ready engineering and make-ready construction, and corrected some misconceptions about easements and the use of imminent domain.  The workshop included several panel discussions and speakers from the telecommunications and broadband industries as well as a panel of high school and college students.

Hut Harlan Co State Police Post 10 4B.jpg

Harlan County Receives KentuckyWired Broadband 'Hut'

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Nov. 8, 2017) – Kentucky State Police (KSP) Post 10 on U.S. Highway 421 in Harlan County received a "hut" from the Kentucky Communications Network Authority on Thursday, November 2nd. The hut is part of KentuckyWired's high-speed fiber optic cable network being installed in every county throughout the Commonwealth.
The hut will serve as a connection point for KSP to link to the 288-strand fiber cable, helping troopers communicate with other first responders and government agencies by transmitting and receiving data faster than ever before. It will help them download files, access cameras, traffic information, photographs, criminal records, blueprints, and other information, and increase their ability to respond to emergencies.
State Representative and retired KSP trooper Chris Fugate said, "KentuckyWired will bring critical infrastructure for economic development, jobs, and education to Eastern Kentucky and its people. The installation of a KentuckyWired hut in Harlan is great progress on the project's construction and should encourage anyone who recognizes its value and potential to lift up our region's quality of life."
Harlan County State Senator Johnny Ray Turner said, "Streamlining correspondence between troopers and other first responders is critical for the citizens they serve and protect. This move will help first responders be more effective and efficient, and in their profession every second counts."
The hut is 15 feet wide, 22 feet long, and 9 feet high and was placed just outside the KSP post, along with a generator.
KentuckyWired will enhance the speed and efficiency of the state police and government agencies throughout the Commonwealth and bring an economic boost as its middle mile network becomes available to the private sector, encouraging companies to build in Kentucky. It will also enhance healthcare, education, cellular phone service, and enrich the lives of all citizens of Kentucky. The first portion of the KentuckyWired network is expected to be functional in 2018.

KYW work 3.jpg
BTC Helps Build KentuckyWired

Frankfort, November 2, 2017 - Brandenburg Telephone Company (BTC) has entered into an agreement with the Commonwealth of Kentucky to build part of its KentuckyWired fiber optic cable project in Meade and Breckinridge counties. BTC will construct approximately 40 miles of the 3,400-mile ultra-high speed network that will extend into every county in the Commonwealth. 
"I cannot stress how significant this partnership will be for economic development in our region," said Sen. Steve Meredith, of Leitchfield. "This improved access to broadband and enhanced bandwidth will allow businesses to grow and improve workforce development in our schools. I am pleased to see this partnership formed, and I appreciate the efforts from BTC and those in the Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA) for helping to make this possible."
"I want to commend the Brandenburg Telephone Company for working toward improving broadband speeds and access here in our community," said state Rep. Jeff Greer, of Brandenburg. "Broadband internet is more critical than ever when it comes to economic development and helping our students and teachers get the resources they need, not to mention those of us who rely on it for news and entertainment."
"There is no doubt that increasing access to faster internet speeds is an absolute must for our businesses, schools, first responders and improving overall quality of life, especially in our more rural areas of the state," said Rep. Dean Schamore, of Hardinsburg.
According to KCNA Executive Director Phillip Brown, the work done by BTC will speed up construction. "We're very happy to have Brandenburg Telephone's help with our project," he said. "From day one, KentuckyWired has worked to partner with local broadband providers to build its network."
Similar agreements with Cincinnati Bell Telephone, Eastern Kentucky Network, and Bluegrass Network have already saved the KentuckyWired project over $10 million.
"We are very happy to work with the Commonwealth of Kentucky and KCNA to support the KentuckyWired network," said Allison Willoughby, general manager of BTC.
Willoughby added that construction has already begun, and she expects the 40-mile portion of the project to be completed by April 2018.

KAG meeting 19OCT2017 C.jpg

Inaugural Meeting of KCNA Advisory Group

October 19, 2017.  The first meeting of the Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA) Advisory Group (KAG) was held Thursday afternoon in the capitol annex in Frankfort.  Phillip Brown, Executive Director of KCNA, called the meeting to order saying the KentuckyWired project is "perhaps the largest infrastructure project of the history of the Commonwealth."  KAG was established as an Advisory Group of major stakeholders to provide feedback on issues that are important to the user community and to the long-term sustainability of KentuckyWired as well as the advancement of broadband access to achieve its many economic and quality of life benefits throughout the Commonwealth.  KCNA is the agency charged with overseeing KentuckyWired.
Phillip Brown spoke about how large and complicated the project is, and that it has faced its share of challenges; referring to the delays in obtaining pole attachment agreements to hang fiber cable on existing utility poles.  The delay in gaining the agreements has led to delays in the overall construction, Brown said, adding KCNA hopes to have "the first ring lit sometime in 2018."
Nancy Ward, consultant for Solarity – a business consulting firm working with KCNA – spoke about the structure, responsibilities, and guiding principles of KAG.  She also spoke about the need of broadband in Kentucky saying "Thirty-nine percent of rural communities don't have access to broadband."

The KAG will meet quarterly with the next meeting scheduled for January 18, 2018.

Presentation documents from this meeting may be found at

Radio Interview WEKU 12OCT2017 B.jpg

Live radio interview at WEKU - October 12, 2017

KCNA Executive Dirctor Phillip Brown and Communications Director Randy Lutke were at WEKU radio (88.9-FM) in Richmond, KY from 11-noon Thursday, October 12th, answering questions about KentuckyWired.  Also being interviewed were Larry Combs from the Center for Rural Development and Sandi Curd, the Promise Zone Coordinator for Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation.  Listen to the entire broadcast here.

KentuckyWired Making Strides

August 31, 2018 - Construction of a statewide high-speed internet network in Kentucky continues moving forward. Over 3,000 miles of 288-strand fiber optics cable, with nearly unlimited capacity, is expected to bring a boost to Kentucky’s economy, enhance education opportunities and facilitate greater coordination between first responders.

Obtaining pole attachment agreements with companies that own the utility poles that are needed for the project proved to be an obstacle in the beginning, but in recent weeks KentuckyWired has secured ninety percent of these agreements.

“Obtaining easements through private property is another significant component of the project, but we’re finding that almost all landowners are being very cooperative because the poles are already there,” said Phillip Brown, Executive Director of Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA). “We’re just adding another wire to the existing poles.”

So far, nearly 68 miles of underground conduit have been laid and six miles of aerial cable have been hung.  Though delays in the early phases of the project pushed completion beyond the original project completion date in 2018, the KCNA is working with KentuckyWired’s private sector partners on establishing a new completion date that can more accurately forecast the project’s timeline.  

Through their third-party partners like Cincinnati Bell Telephone Service, the East Kentucky Network and the Bluegrass Network, KentuckyWired is helping deliver ultra-high-speed internet service to even the most remote areas of the commonwealth. Completion of the project will make Kentucky the first state in the nation to bring ultra-high-speed internet capability to every county within its borders.  


Finance Cabinet, KCNA and BGN representatives signing partnership agreement.

KCNA Announces Partnership with Bluegrass Network

The infrastructure partnership agreement was signed April 20, 2017. 


When is KentuckyWired coming to my county?

The original project schedule is being refreshed to reflect relocation of offices, building renovation changes made during the site verification process, and other events that have impacted the schedule.  A new schedule will be posted when the updates are complete.  You can download the network map here.

Digital Summit Best of Kentucky Award for Best I.T. Collaboration -  KentuckyWired and the City of Louisville representatives.

Kentucky Digital Government Summit

Best of Kentucky Awards 2017

KentuckyWired and Louisville Metro Government awarded Best I.T. Collaboration during the April 2017 Summit held in Frankfort. 


Elizabethtown Hut Delivered 6/7/17

Concrete Pad being prepared for the Hut.Crane moving the Hut. Hut being positioned on the pad.

Inez Getting Fiber From EKN


From the KCNA partner, EKN:  Appalachian Wireless is running 144 strands of fiber optic cable right through Inez.  And, KentuckyWired will soon follow with 144 more fiber strands.  By point of reference, ONE fiber strand can carry the traffic of the entire internet at any given time.  We are getting 288 strands…massively connected to the super high speed internet.  Now we just have to put it to USE to bring jobs and other opportunities here!

Georgetown Hut Delivered 12/16/16


Phillip Brown.jpg

KCNA Announces New Executive Director

Phillip K. Brown has been appointed as Executive Director for the Kentucky Communications Network Authority. From January of 2016 through the end of the 2017 legislative session, he worked as the chief of staff and legislative liaison for the Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet.

Brown has a background working for elected officials and trade associations in Washington, D.C.  From 2007 to 2015, he worked as director of public policy and advocacy for Connected Nation, a non-profit organization that seeks to expand access, adoption, and use of broadband Internet. In that role, he functioned as a broadband policy advisor to 13 state governments.

In Washington, Brown worked as director of government relations for a broadcasting trade association. Brown also served for six and a half years in the U.S. House of Representatives, for both the 5th Congressional District of New Jersey and the 6th Congressional District of Kentucky.

Brown earned his undergraduate degree from Centre College and a master’s of business administration from the University of Louisville.  He is a native of Nicholasville, Kentucky and lives in Louisville


Kentucky Communications Network Authority Funding Allowed Gateway Area Development District Communities to Plan for High Speed Broadband

KCNA provided grant funds to GADD for planning

Frankfort, Ky. (Nov. 30, 2016) – Grant funding from the Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA) allowed more than 70 key Gateway Area Development District (GADD) stakeholders from Montgomery, Menifee, Morgan, Rowan and Bath counties to plan how to best prepare for taking advantage of the KentuckyWired high speed broadband network currently under construction.

The GADD board of directors recently approved a comprehensive strategic plan, or roadmap, that provides regional goals and strategies as well as county-specific recommendations for plugging into the KentuckyWired broadband “middle mile”. The goal is to increase awareness and adoption and provide effective, affordable high-speed internet to citizens and businesses.

“This successful collaboration offers the Gateway area a unique opportunity to become a leader in broadband access in the state and in the nation,” said Chris Moore, executive director of KCNA, the agency overseeing the KentuckyWired project. “This is exactly the type of collaboration effort we wanted to support with the grant funds we provided.” 

High speed internet will not only open up current opportunities, but also allow for the inevitable future growth and expansion of internet-based applications and technologies for communities to thrive. Broadband internet is now considered a necessary community infrastructure just like water, electricity and gas.

“This was a true partnership between the state, The Center for Rural Development, our board of directors and all of the community partners who participated.  It was something to see and to be involved in.  I am very glad to have a plan that we can work from and toward our goal of providing excellent broadband service in our region,” stated Gail Wright, executive director of GADD.  “I appreciate the effort on our behalf and look forward to moving forward with the broadband initiative in our region.”  more


Governor Bevin, Congressman Rogers and others

KentuckyWired Statewide Broadband Network Initiative Moving Forward in Eastern Kentucky and Beyond

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Sept. 16, 2016) - Today Gov. Matt Bevin and U.S. Congressman Hal Rogers announced that the state’s broadband initiative, KentuckyWired, is moving forward with the initial build out in eastern Kentucky followed by the rest of the state. Since announced last year, significant progress has been made in engineering, site design and surveys along with strategic partnership agreements and more.

“Access to a skilled workforce is a critical factor for attracting employers, and is vital to making Kentucky’s economy robust and sustainable,” said Gov. Bevin. “Connecting companies and Kentuckians with high-speed, high-capacity Internet will lead to new opportunities and business growth. This will be a tremendous tool in growing our local economies and developing our workforce. Our administration is fully committed to the KentuckyWired project and we are excited at the possibilities before us as a result of its completion.”

“We are already getting a glimpse into the high-tech opportunities that will be available to Eastern Kentucky and across the Commonwealth with access to high-speed, high capacity broadband,” said Congressman Rogers, co-founder and co-chair of SOAR. “New jobs are being created through high-tech businesses, like BitSource in Pikeville and Interapt in Louisville, and grant funds have already been awarded to support planning projects for economic development and education. We are clearly on the right path and our future is looking brighter in our most rural communities.”  more

Watch KentuckyWired press conference highlights. 

Photo collage 9-16-16.pdf


Finance Cabinet, KCNA and EKN Representative signing partnership agreement.

East Kentucky Network Partnership Agreement Signed August 25, 2016

IJC on A&R, Budget Review Subcommittee Testimony

Executive Director, Chris Moore, testified at the August 1st meeting of the Interim Joint Committee on Appropriations and Revenue – Budget Review Subcommittee on General Government, Finance, and Public Protection.


Commonwealth Enters into a Strategic Agreement with Cincinnati Bell

Part of the KentuckyWired initiative, project construction costs will be reduced by approximately $3,000,000

FRANKFORT, KY (June 3, 2016) — Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA) today announced the Commonwealth Kentucky Communications Network Authoriyt, Finance Cabinet and Cincinnati Bell Officalswill enter into a strategic agreement with Cincinnati Bell to partner on broadband network construction in northern Kentucky.

Cincinnati Bell provides integrated telecommunications solutions – including voice, data, high-speed Internet and video – to consumers and business customers across Greater Cincinnati and Northern  Kentucky. 

“Kentuckians will benefit from this agreement in two ways,” said executive director Chris Moore. “Firstly, by partnering with Cincinnati Bell and leveraging existing infrastructure, project construction costs will be reduced by approximately $3,000,000. The agreement highlights our ongoing commitment to work with existing infrastructure companies to efficiently and economically improve broadband services in the Commonwealth.”

In accordance with the performance standards required by the KentuckyWired project, Cincinnati Bell will install 166 miles of fiber optic cable in the following counties and communities: Kenton, Boone, Pendleton, Grant and Gallatin counties; and Falmouth, Williamstown, Newport, Covington, Florence, Erlanger, Highland Heights, Fort Mitchell, Fort Thomas and Warsaw. 



KCNA welcomes Executive Director Chris Moore effective March 16, 2016. A native Kentuckian, Mr. Moore has more than 20 years legal experience in the telecommunications and technology field, most recently with the Federal Communications Commission in Washington D.C.  Prior to that, he worked for the Rural Utilities Service on Capitol Hill and for a major telecommunications company. Originally from Henderson, Moore is a graduate of Transylvania University and the university of Kentucky College of Law.



​Broadband and Your Community Workshop 101: Getting Started, The center for Rural Development was held June 29th.


Chuck D. Charles, Mayor of Ashland

E-nnovation Ashland Workshop

The Mayor of Ashland, Chuck D. Charles, addresses the E-nnovation Ashland workshop on Tuesday, May 3rd at Ashland Community Technical College.  The City of Ashland is one of three  communities awarded funding from the Commonwealth Office of Broadband Outreach & Development to establish plans for the strategic adoption and utilization of broadband and to promote connectivity with the KentuckyWired (KYW) fiber optic network.  

Kentucky Municipal Association

April 28th Kentucky Municipal Utilities Association (KMUA) KentuckyWired presentation (3:00pm Lexington, Kentucky)


Broadband Community Summit in Austin Texas (April, 2016)

KCNA Board Member Lonnie Lawson at the 2016 Broadband Communities Summit in Austin, Texas.  Representing Kentucky, Lawson is discussing the significance of broadband deployment.


SOAR Executive Committee Meeting (February 5th)

Gov. Bevin took a selfie with his co-chair, U. S. Rep. Rogers, at the SOAR Executive Committee Meeting on February 5 at Pine Mountain State Resort Park.  Four students from Prestonsburg High School are included in the picture, along with their instructor and Brad Thomas representing East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC.)  The students’ team won a technology contest, and EKPC surprised each of them with an Apple Watch. 



KentuckyWired Launches

Eastern Kentucky is first priority for KentuckyWired project

HAZARD, Ky. (Aug. 31, 2015) – Reliable, high-speed Internet is coming to every county of the state, and supporters say the broadband project will be the key catalyst for profound and sweeping growth in job creation, health access and education. To celebrate the construction of the statewide KentuckyWired, I-Way broadband network, Gov. Steve Beshear, Congressman Hal Rogers, state and local officials and hundreds of citizens gathered at Hazard Community and Technical College to learn more about KentuckyWired and how Kentucky’s future will benefit from broadband. The broadband project will begin in eastern Kentucky and over the next three years will spread throughout the state. The benefits of broadband will break down geographic and financial barriers to education and economic development by providing access to affordable, high-quality Internet service to connect Kentuckians to the world. Read more