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About KCNA

​Kentucky Communications Network Authority Created to Manage Statewide Broadband Network

The Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA) and its Board manages and oversees the KentuckyWired network, the Commonwealth's open-access broadband network.   KentuckyWired is focused on meeting current needs for government locations, but more importantly, positioning Kentucky to be a national leader in high-capacity Internet service connections which promote economic development, enhance education and research capabilities, ensure public safety, improve healthcare delivery, and augment connectivity for libraries and communities.

A public-private partnership with Macquarie Capital has been established to design, build, operate, and maintain the network for 30 years.  KentuckyWired is unique in that it is an "open access" network. This means cities, partnerships, private companies or other groups may acquire access to these "middle-mile" lines, but the network does not provide "last mile" services - the lines that run to individual homes or businesses.

The Authority is part of the General Government Cabinet and is administratively attached to the Office of the Governor. The Board is made up of stakeholders in the network including the Secretary of the Governor's Executive Cabinet who shall serve as Chair of the Board, the State Budget Director, the Secretary of the Transportation Cabinet, the Secretary of the Economic Development Cabinet, the Secretary of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, the Commissioner of the Department for Local Government and a representative from the Center for Rural Development.

Contact Information

(502) 782-9549

​ ​Staff Members​

Adkins, Adam(502) 782-0198
Brewer, Joyce(502) 564-1956
Brown, Brenda(502) 564-2824
Coker, Tom(502) 782-1738
Gatson, Greg(502) 564-1074
Haag, Mike(502) 782-7388
Harris, Jason(502) 782-3004
Hendrix, Doug(502) 564-2006
Johnson, Erick(502) 564-4404
Johnson, Jason(502) 782-4573
Murphy, Steve(502) 782-9368
Powers, Mitch (502) 782-9587
Rodgers, Dana(502) 782-9549
Shaeffer, Bill(502) 782-3651