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What is KentuckyWired?

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Building Entry Steps
     Site preparations are underway.  For more information click here.

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Construction Update - May 2018

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Governor's Local Issues Conference

Frankfort, KY (August 15, 2018) - KCNA Executive Director Phillip Brown spoke this morning as part of the 43rd Annual  Governor's Local Issues Conference, updating the crowd on the Commonwealth's KentuckyWired project. So far 831 miles of high-speed fiber optic cable have been constructed throughout Kentucky.  

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KCNA Praises FCC's Adoption of One-Touch Make Ready Rules

FRANKFORT, Ky. (August 2, 2018) - The Kentucky Communications Network Authority praised adoption today by the Federal Communications Commission of new regulations that will reduce barriers and costs for broadband network deployment.  The FCC's order, informally known as "one-touch make ready," will allow entities adding new communications and broadband lines to utility poles to perform all of the "make-ready construction" work on the pole themselves.

 "The FCC's action today will help the KentuckyWired project and should remove significant future potential delays to our construction schedule. KCNA is thankful to Chairman Pai, Commissioner O'Rielly, Commissioner Carr, and Commissioner Rosenworcel for taking this needed step," said Phillip Brown, Executive Director of the Kentucky Communications Network Authority. "It has been clear that the system historically in place impedes not only Kentucky's middle-mile project but new last-mile broadband in Kentucky and across the U.S., and these new 'rules of the road' are extremely helpful to the Commonwealth and its citizens."

 Today's FCC vote builds upon work of the Commission's Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee and affiliated working groups, which are comprised of dozens of subject matter experts representing broadband stakeholders from across the country. The One-Touch Make Ready Order will be implemented in the coming months. KCNA will begin work with KentuckyWired's private sector partners to ensure that the FCC's action can be put to work on Kentucky's middle-mile project as soon as possible. A fact sheet and copy of the order can be found at

Phillip KACo Frankfort 2AUG2018.jpgKACO Broadband Workshop

 Frankfort, Ky (August 2, 2018) - Kentucky Communications Network Authority Executive Director Phillip Brown spoke before a Kentucky Association of Counties workshop today in Frankfort.  Brown presented the latest update on the Commonwealth's KentuckyWired project.

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Hut Installed In Glasgow

A telecommuications hut and generator were installed at Southwest Kentucky Community and Technical College in Glasgow Friday, July 20th.  They are part of the Commonwealth's KentuckyWired project, constructing 3,000 miles of ultra-high speed fiber optic cable into every county.