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KentuckyWired is a state-run project constructing over 3,000 miles of high-speed, high-capacity fiber optic cable in every county in Kentucky.  The KentuckyWired network is a "middle mile" project connecting government offices, universities, community colleges, state police posts, state parks, and other government institutions to the global internet.  Anywhere along its path, Internet Service Providers will be able to connect to the network and bring faster, more reliable internet to every corner of the Commonwealth.  Cellular providers will also be able to connect to KentuckyWired and build more cell phone towers throughout the state.  Its 288-strand fiber optic cable will serve the needs of government agencies, universities, businesses, and citizens for decades to come. 
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KentuckyWired will help pay for its construction in two ways: 1) KentuckyWired will save the Commonwealth millions of dollars by owning its own middle mile network rather than paying private companies, and 2) By leasing half of its fiber strands to private companies.

Kentucky is the first state in the nation to build an open-access fiber optic cable network in every county.


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For the full September 2019 Update click here.


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At the SOAR Summit in Pikeville Friday, Sep 6, Congressman Hal Rogers and Governor Matt Bevin announced completion of the construction phase of Rings 1B and 2, covering most of Eastern Kentucky.
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Interim CEO of KentuckyWired Deck Decker speaks at the Governor's Local Issues Conference Thursday, August 29, at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville.  Decker said fiber is being placed rapidly, adding "We are on target to have construction done in nine months."