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         Quick Facts 22JAN2018

​KCNA Open Records Request

To request documents from KCNA, submit an application located at with the official custodian, Brittany Montgomery at or 502-564-0179. 
In accordance with KRS § 61.872, KCNA will provide approved requested documents within three (3) days of request unless the records are not available. If records are not available, official custodian will notify, in writing, the date of availability.  Applications received after 3:00 PM EST will be considered received the following business day. 

Fees associated with open records requests are as follows:
Electronic (email) if responsive material is less than 5MB (free)
CD ($1.00 per CD)
Paper Copies ($.10 fee each page)
Inspect Documents onsite (free)

Any questions or concerns regarding open records requests should be made to Bethany Thompson Monday through Friday, 8:00 am until 4:30 pm. 

Kentucky Sample Open Records Request