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In 2013, multiple agencies submitted budget requests for increased funding for high-speed, high-capacity fiber networks.  It seemed prudent to fund these needs in a more coordinated way to leverage increased capacity across the entire enterprise. Read More


The Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA) is the public technology authority that partners to build and manage a Commonwealth-owned, leading-edge communication infrastructure service to provide affordable broadband connectivity, foster collaboration, and promote innovative use digital technologies connecting the people of Kentucky to the world. Read More

Anticipated Benefits

Investing in a border-to-border fiber communication backbone expands the Commonwealth’s opportunities, with benefits that go “beyond the balance sheet’. These benefits, such as economic development and tourism growth, higher education advances, interconnected public safety, and enhanced health care, serve to improve all Kentuckians’ lives and lifestyle.

When fully deployed Kentucky’s geographic boundaries will be flattened; our economy will grow through increased economic opportunity; our students, citizens, public safety officers, medical professionals, and first- responders will see what is happening around the corner….or around the world….via high-quality, life-like experiences; and our public safety and healthcare will be more responsive.

Simply stated, benefits and opportunities that rely on a fiber rich communication network will be available state wide, not just in our larger metro areas.

KYW Benefits Graphic