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FCC Data Collection Information 2014

Major differences between current NTIA SBI and FCC Form 477 data submission standards

​Current SBI​New Form 477
​Voluntarily filing to state​Mandatory filing with the FCC
​Filing by state​Single nationwide filing
​KCNA accepts data in any format including GIS, CAD, hard copy maps, database/list, provided customized data submission web portal, or other​FCC is collecting census block data for fixed broadband, polygons in ESRI shapefile format for mobile broadband, and perhaps other formats to be determined
​Collects the speed tier associated with the maximum advertised upload/download speeds offered​Collects the number associated with the advertised upload/download speeds offered (no longer  tiers/ranges)
​No distinction of speeds for residential and non-residential service​Distinguish speeds offered for residential and non-residential services where appropriate
​Fixed wireless providers file as wireless​Fixed wireless providers file as fixed
​Mobile maximum advertised speeds collected​Mobile minimum advertised speeds collected
​No mobile voice data collected​Mobile voice coverage data collected
​Data coverage format distinguishes between wireline and wireless technologies: census blocks/roads vs propagated coverage polygons​Data coverage format distinguishes between fixed broadband (wireline and fixed wireless) and mobile: census blocks vs propagated coverage polygons
​Wireline mapped by census blocks less than 2 square miles, and by road segments in blocks greater than 2 square miles​Wireline and fixed wireless mapped by census blocks, no roads

The biggest visual change on maps will be that fixed wireless is no longer mapped by actual coverage, but will be mapped using 2010 census blocks, along with other fixed technologies. Also, only 2010 census blocks will be used, regardless of their size.

If a provider provides service in part of a census block, then a whole block is marked as covered.

To learn more about the new form 477, see this webpage about the changes to the form by the FCC.