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Kentucky Communications Network Authoriyt, Finance Cabinet and Cincinnati Bell Officals

Commonwealth Enters into a Strategic Agreement with Cincinnati Bell

Part of the KentuckyWired initiative, project construction costs will be reduced by approximately $3,000,000

FRANKFORT, KY (June 3, 2016) — Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA) today announced the Commonwealth will enter into a strategic agreement with Cincinnati Bell to partner on broadband network construction in northern Kentucky.

Cincinnati Bell provides integrated telecommunications solutions – including voice, data, high-speed Internet and video – to consumers and business customers across Greater Cincinnati and Northern  Kentucky. 

“Kentuckians will benefit from this agreement in two ways,” said executive director Chris Moore. “Firstly, by partnering with Cincinnati Bell and leveraging existing infrastructure, project construction costs will be reduced by approximately $3,000,000. The agreement highlights our ongoing commitment to work with existing infrastructure companies to efficiently and economically improve broadband services in the Commonwealth.”

In accordance with the performance standards required by the KentuckyWired project, Cincinnati Bell will install 166 miles of fiber optic cable in the following counties and communities: Kenton, Boone, Pendleton, Grant and Gallatin counties; and Falmouth, Williamstown, Newport, Covington, Florence, Erlanger, Highland Heights, Fort Mitchell, Fort Thomas and Warsaw. 
The Commonwealth will have the exclusive right to use the fiber with no restrictions and will own the telecommunications equipment connected to the network, such as switches.
Cincinnati Bell will maintain and service the fiber throughout the term of the 30 year agreement

All cost incurred will be paid out of KentuckyWired project funds. No additional funds will be paid by the Commonwealth and no further appropriations are required.

When is KentuckyWired coming to my county?

Get schedule information here. Keep in mind this list is subject to change, as the design and build stages are still in their early stages. This schedule will change based on relocation of offices, building renovations and other changes made during the site verification process. Download the network map here


Recent Events


Executive Director, Chris Moore, testified at the August 1st meeting of the Interim Joint Committee on Appropriations and Revenue – Budget Review Subcommittee on General Government, Finance, and Public Protection.  




What is KentuckyWired?

KentuckyWired, also referred to as Kentucky I-Way in eastern Kentucky, is a statewide, open-access fiber optic network which will deliver robust, reliable and affordable Internet to communities across the state through broadband technology.

Communities need reliable Internet to grow and thrive.  Unfortunately, Kentucky ranks at, or near, the bottom of national and international rankings of broadband speed and capacity.  This puts our state at a major disadvantage for attracting jobs, growing local business, and expanding education.

Broadband, like electricity, water and sewer, is now an essential service. However, it has been too expensive for private carriers to build out a high-speed, high-capacity network across the entire state.  With KentuckyWired, the state will be responsible for building out the middle portion of a fiber network. 

The success of KentuckyWired depends on building state and local partnerships that provide not only a middle mile connection but the last mile connections to local communities and residents.   Much like building the interstates did, KentuckyWired will change Kentucky's landscape, by driving economic growth and improving our quality of life.