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eLearning Modules - How to use Broadband to Grow Business


Broadband KY eLearning modules

Helping Kentucky businesses, local governments and remote workers utilize the Internet for greater productivity and economic benefit.

Businesses and local governments in Kentucky face constant pressures to remain current, productive and competitive in today’s ever changing world. One area with significant potential is the Internet, which can be leveraged into tangible benefits for communities, businesses and remote workers.  Businesses can become more productive, competitive and reach into new markets. Local governments can be more cost efficient while extending services further out into the community.  Remote workers can access a broader range of jobs or work.

However, not all businesses, local governments or households have been able to turn the potential of broadband into measurable success in terms of jobs and income, staff attraction and retention, and increased customer base and revenues.  Turning potential into reality requires skills, training, and both formal and informal support.

The first step in benefiting from the Internet is acquiring broadband connectivity. Once access is acquired, the second step is adoption, whereby households, businesses and other organizations begin to use their high-speed Internet access on a regular basis. The third stage in broadband development is utilization of the Internet in increasingly productive ways that bring concrete benefits, such as job, new savings and revenues, and improved quality of life. This website focuses on utilization.

The KY Broadband eLearning website includes modules that are designed to support businesses, local governments, and remote workers (including self-employed individuals) in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to take advantage of the potential of the Internet. These modules are all self-directed and include a broad range of information, including:

  • Clear information that describes important capabilities of the Internet, such as cloud computing;
  • An outline of the benefits (and limitations) of these Internet “solutions”, as well as what motivations are most likely to generate interest of owners and managers;
  • An outline of the best practices for adopting each of these Internet solutions;
  • A planning process for adopting the Internet solution in your own business or organization;
  • A large number of links to online resources to help in each of the above.


The Commonwealth has received more than $5.3 million in grants for broadband mapping and outreach programs, including Broadband KY, from the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), State Broadband Data and Development (SBDD) grant program.

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