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Building Entry Steps

The Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA) has the responsibility to oversee and maintain the Commonwealth’s fiber optic cable network known as KentuckyWired. This is a Commonwealth project that will provide broadband service using a modern, high-capacity fiber infrastructure.


Step 1. Appointment and Site Walk

The project contractor, DBLLC (a joint LLC comprised of Black & Veatch and Ledcor) will set up an appointment to tour the site. The DBLLC representative will participate in this walk. The representative will tour the premise, view the wiring closets, document existing cable entrances into the building and pole routes to the premises. He will take pictures of all aspects of the site and gather information about the telephone providers, electrical providers, and facility contact information for construction approval.

Two men KYW truck 300pxl.jpgStep 2. Preliminary Construction Walk

Construction Managers will contact the facility person for the site to set up an appointment. They will walk around the site, mark vault locations and the fiber path, determine if there is existing conduit or if new conduit will need to be installed. The construction manager will contact utility companies to mark existing cable and prepare for clearance for construction.

Step 3. Fiber Entry from Pole to Communications Closets

Construction Managers will contact the facility person for the site and set up an appointment for construction of the fiber from the outside pole to the wiring closet inside the building. This can include activities as simple as pulling fiber through existing conduit or burying new conduit, boring under sidewalks/driveways, burying vaults, and running fiber inside the building to the wiring closets.

Building Entry - Fiber inside the building 300 pxls.jpgStep 4. Site Prep Work for Communications Closets

A crew will hang a 4x4 fire-rated backboard on the wall. They will also install additional electrical outlets if required and provide grounding terminations if needed.

Juniper 2200 4 300pxl.jpgStep 5. Equipment Installation

A technician will install an equipment cabinet and equipment in the wiring closets and terminate the fiber into the equipment. They may conduct testing to confirm the power supply and ensure that the equipment is operational.

Juniper 2200 - 1 300 pixls.jpgStep 6. Turn Up and Test

A technician will visit the site to power up the equipment, test connectivity to the network, make quality checks and  document test records.

Step 7. Service Migration

Current COT Data Circuits will be migrated from the Kentucky Information Highway network to the KentuckyWired fiber optic network. NG-KIH Design Build (DB LLC) will confirm connectivity and site functionality insuring that the Network Operations Center (NOC) can access the circuit and test alarm functions. Quality checks will be completed, and documentation will be updated.

Step 8. Acceptance

An independent certifier will conduct acceptance testing and certify that all functionality, testing, and documentation has been completed.


If you have any questions, please contact Joyce M Brewer, Contract Manager – Site Operations at 502-564-1956 or via email at